More than academics


Quinn Forney

Students gathered together as they intently listened to the counselors provide encouraging words.

On Monday, March 13, the counselors hosted an assembly in the auditorium during students’ English classes concerning the health and safety of the student body. Once students settled into their seats, the counselors began the assembly by asking students what they believed was the duty of the counselors. Many replied with “academic purposes,” “scheduling,” and “recommendations.” However, the students forgot to mention that the counselors are also available to help manage stress and to assist students in coping with any problems they may have at home or school. Counselor Patricia Woods stated, “Counselors don’t often get chances to speak about nonacademic roles very often.” Students tend to forget that counselors are available to help with both the academic and social part of students’ lives. “The primary goal of the meeting was to make sure that every student is healthy and safe,” said counselor Tom Neighbour. He also mentioned that “similar meetings have been done before, but were typically in individual classrooms or for certain grade levels.”

Recently, Lambert suffered the sudden loss of a student which has had a traumatic impact on the school community. The counselors’ mission was to make sure that Lambert students understood that Lambert is a community of people who care for one another, and wanted to make sure that the transition from this unfortunate event was facilitated in a caring and supportive manner. 

Counselors at Lambert are not only there for a student’s high school success and academic advisement, but also exist to help students succeed in their personal lives as well.