My Chemical Romance Is Actually Getting Back Together

On Halloween, My Chemical Romance (MCR) announced their reunion show, and the tickets went on sale on November 1st for $150. They sold out incredibly fast, as fans have been hoping for the band’s return since they broke up in 2013. Their reunion tour has many fans wondering whether or not the group is going to release new music, or if this show is a one time deal.

Rumors about the band’s return have been speculating for years but increased significantly when Joe Jonas said he had seen MCR rehearsing together. Frank Lero, one of the guitarists of MCR, quickly dismissed the rumors. But it seems like Joe was not lying, and that the band is genuinely going to be performing once more. But the real question is, will MCR release any new music any time soon? While no one has ever gotten sick of the grandiosity of The Black Parade, or the energy of Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge, listening to the band innovate and expand even more than they already have would be amazing.

Hopefully, we see some new music from the band soon. Until we do, the memory of My Chemical Romance will carry on through their music.