No Day Like a Snow Day

Parts of Georgia are expected to get snow, sleet, ice and possibly hail late Saturday into Sunday. There is still uncertainty about the amount of snow and type of precipitation due to the system still being days away. The last measurable snowfall in Georgia was January 18th, 2018, almost four years ago. 

Freshly fallen snow with Iced over road in North Georgia (Flickr/William Morris)

Roads could possibly be iced over, preventing driving on Sunday and the following day. This upcoming Monday is MLK Day, a national holiday, so no travel for work or school should be necessary. Be sure to get groceries and complete any necessary shopping before Saturday night.

The chance of snow also opens up the possibility of enjoying different types of snow day activities. However, due to our warmer climate, some Georgians might not be prepared for said activities. Make sure to wear layers, gloves, hats and waterproof pants! If you’d like to sled but don’t have one a trash can lid or boogie board will make a good substitute. 

If you’re not one for going out in winter weather, you can enjoy the snow from the comfort of your home. Boil some hot cocoa, tea or apple cider and curl up by the fire. 

If you have to drive on the road make sure to watch out for black ice; ice that has frozen clear and is difficult to see while driving. Drive with care and don’t be afraid to turn your hazards on and go under the speed limit. 

No matter how you spend your snow day, make sure you stay safe and warm!