Welcoming Mrs. Fowler

The rumbling beneath everyone’s feet in tandem with the harmonious student section chants embody Lambert’s iconic pride. The spirit and community created within Lambert High School is an undeniably unique and chill-inducing feature recognized by any bystander.  

Lambert is known for having one of the best, if not the best, student sections in Forsyth County. Being the only high school in South Forsyth named after a family for over a decade, Lambert has instilled family values into everything we execute. However, with Coach Bass’ sudden departure, the responsibility of Lambert’s hype was left unattended. 

Coach Bass, our former vice-principal, was the face of Lambert’s tremendous spirit. He was gifted in encouraging everyone to get up on their feet and express their inner longhorn pride. The famous “We got that longhorn pride!” chant was an inevitable part of being a Lambert graduate. To compensate for the loss of Coach Bass’ contagious energy, the spirit responsibility is now being distributed to everyone at Lambert.

“We’ve asked a lot of other people to set up and take a portion of his role in Lambert hype,” Dr. D explained. “The cheerleaders have taken on the Longhorn pride chants at certain times, some of the boys offered their help as well… Coach Church and Coach Pate have really stepped up. Where he would do a thousand different things, we’re asking a hundred people to step in and do a little bit of each of that.”

Although Lambert will miss Coach Bass and his unapologetic excitement, we are undoubtedly proud of his new position as Dunwoody High School’s new principal. With his Dunwoody announcement, Lambert High School was left curious about who would replace his position as vice-principal. 

Here we introduce Mrs. Fowler! Coming to Lambert all the way from Gwinnett, Mrs. Fowler was ecstatic about joining the longhorn family. Before becomingLambert’s new vice principal, Mrs. Fowler worked as a Language Arts and English as a Second Language teacher as well as an administrator at Brookwood High School for 16 years. Not only was she connected to Brookwood High through her occupation, but she is also an alumna of the school. 

As an administrator for a whole new school, Mrs. Fowler was excited to start her new life in Forsyth County. Having goals for a new school year is important to keep not only yourself on track but your community as well.

“My ultimate goals are…for our building to be positive and safe for kids, but also positive for adults and for kids to receive the highest quality instruction that they can,” Mrs. Fowler emphasized. “To make sure to be an instructional leader and just keep the building safe for kids.”

Outside of school, Mrs. Fowler loves going to the lake on her boat and reading one of Jodi Picoult’s novels. She also loves immersing herself in crocheting, although she believes it is a “nerdy” hobby.

“I love to crochet, that is like one of the nerdiest things ever,” Mrs. Fowler stated. “If you’re my friend and you’re having a baby… your baby is going to have a matching blanket and character hat or something.”

We are thrilled to learn and grow alongside Mrs. Fowler as this new year unfolds.