What Does Remote Learning Mean For Snow Days?


Photo by Yoann Jezequel, taken on March 4th, 2017, Some rights reserved, http://bit.ly/1QqnIiW

Snow days are arguably one of the best parts of childhood. There’s nothing like waking up to the unexpected sight of a powdery, white landscape greeting you from your window. Nothing excites a child more than an unanticipated day off of school. However, some parents and administrators are wondering if it still makes sense to miss a day of class because of bad weather. 

When schools are online as the majority are now, it makes little logistical sense to observe a snow day. Inclement weather days usually prove a challenge to school systems when it comes to continuous learning. Transferring one’s lesson plans to virtual learning is very haphazard and proves to be very frustrating on the student as well as the teacher’s end. However, due to the remote learning programs already in place, students and teachers will have an easier time transitioning. 

“If we’re all online like we are now, I don’t understand why we would need to observe a snow day,” Colombia Mussior Mom, Keri Showers said in a statement. She continued, “I feel like they could make concessions for it. Like, the teachers could not go in that day, you know, and they could just do online from their homes.” 

Ideally, teachers would be able to work from home, however, in many rural areas teachers rely on school facilities and networks. Without proper resources, faculty would not be able to function efficiently without requiring them to travel to school and jeopardizing their safety. 

Snow days aren’t just about school safety, they’re about kids being kids. During the Coronavirus pandemic, it has been very difficult for children to play and interact as they once did. The outdoor time you used to take for granted is now limited, and school districts don’t want to have a further hand in that. 

Craig Hounsom is the superintendent of Rolla Public Schools, a rural district about two hours south of Columbia that’s keeping snow days on the calendar.  He firmly believes that snow days are very beneficial, especially during the lockdown. 

“Students are online now, you know, this year already, much more than they ever have been,” Hounsom said. He further stated, “And if we have a snow day and kids can get outside and enjoy being a kid, I don’t think that’s a negative. We think we’ll make up the day, and instructional, we’ll be better off.”

2020 has been a very strenuous year, especially for young children. Taking time to enjoy the fleeting moments of serendipity that snow brings is the very least school systems can do to help heal the wounds that this year has brought.

Photo by ixworthprimary , taken on November 29, 2010, Some rights reserved, http://bit.ly/1QqnIiW