College Isn’t Necessary to Succeed

Despite others’ opinions, you do not need to stick to the status quo and go to college in order to be successful and happy. Society has normalized a “need” to go to college and a romanticization that one needs to work their butt off in order to reach bliss. Some even waste their youth preparing for their future only to regret it. Also, a lot of success is achieved through luck. For example, just based on where you live, who your parents are, who you know, how you look, how wealthy your family is, etc., you could become fortuitous enough to attain fame or fortune. 

Photo made by Livi Wold, made on May 12, 2021

However, just because only some get lucky, does not mean that you will be unlucky or unsuccessful. It only means that you should enjoy your youth without jeopardizing your future. Just know that you shouldn’t expect to become an engineer or doctor without a college education, but there are plenty of other job opportunities that don’t require a degree such as jobs in the film industry, estheticians, entrepreneurs, accountants, etc. 

There is a huge pressure on kids to go to college and “make the parents proud” when that is not necessary. If you enjoy traveling, save up for a van, travel around and get small jobs along the way. Regardless of who you may disappoint, your own happiness and well-being come first and if you have to let someone down… let them down. Life is short so make it worthwhile. 

However, while the education system is messed up and could use a lot of improvements, education is still important. Even though a lot of the information we learn, we won’t remember, the information isn’t completely useless. See it as a way to grow your brain but know that it isn’t the end of the world if you don’t do well. 

Whether you decide to go to college or not, do the thing that’s best for you and have a good day!