Cool or Not Cool

Twenty students were interviewed to determine which celebrities and influencers are still believed to be cool and which are now considered to be “canceled.”

When one is canceled, most commonly celebrities, they can lose millions of fans within minutes of saying something that fans do not agree with. CNN describes the result of this modern reference, and how it can lead to our society believing someone does not deserve their fans’ involvement in their life (read more about cancel culture here).

The students were asked about their opinion on the following 20 actors and YouTubers-


  1. Robert Downey Jr. –
    1. Robert Downey Jr. was the first celebrity we asked students about. He was unanimously voted cool, for his role in Iron Man. 
    2.  “Robert Downey Jr. is the most perfect man, aside from Keanu Reeves,” Felipe Moraes, a sophomore at Lambert, said.
  2. Ryan Gosling – The student body was neutral on Ryan Gosling, possibly because his movies target an adult demographic.
  3. Andrew Garfield – Despite many opinions about his role in Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield was voted cool. 
    1.  “Andrew is pretty hot. If I could be a rich white male, I would be Andrew.” Varun Joshi, a senior at Lambert, said. 
  4. “If we are talking any other role than Spider-Man, he’s a good actor,” John Mathis, a sophomore at Lambert, explained
  5. John Stamos – John Stamos was voted cool for his role in Full House and Fuller House. 
  6. “He’s cool… he was on Full House,” Sam Patrick, a sophomore at Lambert, said. 
  7. Hugh Jackman – UNANIMOUSLY COOL – “He was a really good Wolverine, and he did well in Logan,” John Mathis said. 
  8. Emma Stone – Emma Stone was voted cool for her roles in La La Land and the second Spider-Man. 
  9. Anna Kendrick – Anna Kendrick was voted cool by the Lambert student body for some unique reasons. 
    1. “Anna Kendrick is one of the hottest human beings in the world, oh my god,” said Varun Joshi. 
  10. Meryl Streep – Meryl Streep was voted cool by the student body of Lambert for her many roles in movies such as Mamma Mia!, The Post, and Into the Woods.
  11.  “She is a queen! I love her! She is really talented.” Sanjana Das exclaimed.
  12.  Daniel Radcliffe – Daniel Radcliffe was voted cool for his role in Swiss Army Man, Harry Potter, and a play about horses. 
  13.  “He’s in a movie about naked horses: he is sick,” Varun Joshi said. 
  14.   “He was in Swiss Army Man! I’m gonna go with ‘good’ … that was such a good movie,” John Mathis states. 
  15. Michael B. Jordan – Michael B. Jordan was voted cool for his role in Black Panther. 
  16. “He’s cool; he’s hot… he’s a nice actor,” – Felipe Moreas explained.


  1. Cody Ko – Cody Ko, a commentary Youtuber, was voted not cool. He has four million subscribers and is a part of the music group Tiny Meat Gang. 
  2. Noel Miller – Noel Miller was neutral, according to the student body of Lambert High School. He is also part of Tiny Meat Gang. 
  3. Kelsey Kreppel – Kelsey Kreppel is a Youtuber with 400,000 subscribers on Youtube. She was voted neutral by Lambert students.  
  4. Lilly Singh – Lilly Singh, known as iiSuperwomanii, has almost 15 million subscribers and has a late-night talk show. She was neutral, according to the students of Lambert. 
  5. “Her humor was funny before, in my opinion, but now it’s a little repetitive and slightly inappropriate,” Sanjana Das said, believing that Lilly is “not cool.”Liza Koshy – Liza Koshy has almost 18 million subscribers on Youtube and her own Youtube Red Series. She was voted neutral by students. 
  6. David Dobrik – David Dobrik is a vlogger with 14.5 million subscribers. The student body was neutral about him.  
  7. Dobre Brothers – The Dobre Brothers were a part of Jake Paul’s Team 10. They have their own channel now with almost eight million subscribers.
  8.  “I’ve never heard of them, so ‘not cool,’” John Mathis explained.
  9. Dolan Twins – The Dolan Twins are Youtubers with over ten million subscribers. They were voted uncool by the student body of Lambert High School. 
  10. Shane Dawson -Shane Dawson, most known for his conspiracy theories, has 20 million subscribers on Youtube. The student body was neutral about him.
  11. “He’s real, he doesn’t say he’s ‘good’ all the time,” Abby Moore said, stating her opinion for “cool.”
  12. Jared Knabenbauer (ProJared) – ProJared has a gaming channel and has 900,000 subscribers. He was recently involved in a controversy, but the student body was neutral about him.