Friends As Time Goes By

Friends sitting on a dock.

Friends sitting on a dock.

Sharon Kim, Back Page Editor

I’m sure many of you reading this article are curious as much as I am on the question of, “Are the friends I have now, friends I’ll have forever?” It’s a simple question, but a hard answer to follow up with. You go through high school not realizing you already fast forwarded to your senior year, because you got caught up with school work, extracurricular activities, and just life. But then you realize, that the friends you started off with in freshman year aren’t the friends you have now and you look around and see the faces that you once thought you’d tell your secrets too forever, aren’t there anymore. So what happened? What happened between the time you considered them as friends and now?

I remember going into my freshman year thinking that high school was going to be the best years of my life, because I had my best friend to go through it with. Before the first week of school, we planned everything out. We both knew what we were going to wear, how we were going to do our hair, and knew exactly what to say when we were introducing ourselves. I guess we were both terrified, but because we walked through every situation possible together, high school didn’t seem so bad. It was finally the first day of school and my best friend who I’ve known for four years was elated. So was I, but we soon figured out that we had different classes with each other and we couldn’t make time to see each other as we did before. Things quickly changed.

didn’t want to talk to anymore. It seemed as if we hung out with different crowds and both started to have different interests, limiting the topics we could talk about. We would try and talk about different experiences and get frustrated with each other, because we would have to explain everything in extreme detail trying to make the other person to understand. Then one day it slowly came to the robotic “hellos” when we bumped into each other in the hallways. Just like that, my once so called “best friend” was a total stranger to me.

So what happened between us? There wasn’t a time where we had a fight or anything and  I’m sure that there wasn’t a time where we felt badly towards each other. I guess it just simply got hard to talk to each other; if you put us together in a room there would only be the sound of piercing silence. But, how in the world did it come to this. The answer? The answer is just time. Now, I can’t blame time itself, but I can say that I believe that as time passed by, my friend and I just lost each other. We grew up to be different people, had different interests, and lived different lives. The similarities we once had faded over time. Time itself makes a person understand themselves better, time can heal a person’s heart, and time can just alter a person’s life toward a different direction. It’s time that twists and molds a person into who they are today. Therefore, you aren’t the person you were a year ago, and thus having changed group of friends.