Hiding Behind the Screen

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Cyberbullying is a real problem in today’s society and is just as bad as being bullied face-to-face. It can include spreading rumors, verbal harassment, trickery, impersonation, or exclusion from group activities. Although bullying has been around for plenty of years, I believe cyberbullying has been considered a new way for bullies to feel better about themselves through the means of technology.

“Overall, 34 percent of people feel they have been cyberbullied in their lifetime, with 17 percent saying it has happened at some point in the last 30 days. 87 percent of young people have seen cyberbullying online” the Broad and Search Association’s 2019 statistics (Broad and Search). These statistics clearly show that cyberbullying is still a problem. There are multiple bystanders which have encountered cyberbullying, but the overall victims who have been cyberbullied have remained the same without any change.

Most people who admit to cyberbullying don’t realize its effect until they have been in the situation or have seen the results and impacts cyberbullying has left behind. Whether it is talking behind someone’s back, or directly insulting them, these so-called “small” mistakes could lead to a big outcome. It’s common for cyberbullies to bully another just to boost their ego since it makes the tormentor feel in charge (STOP Cyberbullying). Some may think it’s humorous to tease and make fun of others and that it’s not harmful in any way but, this only makes the bully feel more powerful. 

In today’s society, it is up to us to take a stand against cyberbullying. If you are a bystander or in a situation related to cyberbullying, don’t hesitate to step in and help to defuse the situation, or even informing a more knowledgeable adult if necessary.