Why Being Grateful Will Make Your Life Easier and Happier

I have begun keeping a gratitude journal from the company Habit Nest (they have not endorsed anything in this post), and it has changed my life immensely for the better.

The journal I have kept essentially asks me for some things I am grateful for every day and gives me an activity to do that has to do with gratefulness. The journal has made me significantly more aware of when I am being negative. It has only been a week, and I can already feel a difference. I find myself being able to deal with the small negative events in life a lot better, as I realize that I have a lot to be grateful for at all times. 

I feel that a lot of the reason that we are unhappy as people is due to how much we complain. I know that I am guilty of this because I constantly complain about assignments, not having enough time, having too much to do, not getting enough sleep: the list is endless. But this journal has helped me appreciate all the little things in life: having socks, having a toothbrush, being able to walk, cool breezes, nice weather, and even things that normally I would hate. I have become grateful for the hours of homework I have every day because I know that this homework is preparing me for college and making me learn proper time management. I am even grateful for cold weather because it makes me appreciate warm weather more than I already do.

Life might seem like it sucks, but that is only because that is the way we are looking at it. Attitude really is everything. What can you do to start being more grateful for things? Simply writing down 4-5 things you are grateful for every morning is an immense help. Try to write down weird, little things. The more unique the thing you are thankful for, the better your results can be! Try and vary up what you write down as well; do not just write down the same 4-5 things every day, but rather, write down things in different categories (for example, things you are grateful for at work, at school, at home, etc). 

Staying grateful for everything you have is amazing, so I urge you to try implementing this small change in your life. Buy the book by Habit Nest that I use here.