An Observation of Nature

“Cloud watching.” -Emma Cave


"Path Less Traveled" by Nicole Ross, 11th grade

“The picture shows the sun radiating down on one side while clouds shade the other half. I think this is a major choice in life, to choose whether you take the dark path in life or the light path.” -Nicole Ross

The mist that covers the earth
Paints a picture of innocence in the sapphire ether.
A landscape above our heads
We have yet to set foot on.

They turn as fast as time
Never the same as they were before.
A gradient of vice to virtue
To fall through them is to experience bliss.

Dependent as time is short
We can only guess the nature of them.
They could plunge and disappear into the sea
Or breach and create billowing waves.

The largest cloak ever stitched
But has the opposite effect.
Sending down articulate raindrops
Along with shivers down our spine.

Let there be light
But only for a moment.
Innocence turns to Intimidation
The influence of warmth is gone.
We are shaken
As ominous armies roll towards.
With charged swords ready to strike
And bullets pelt the ground, unyielding.

The attacks cease
The armies evaporate
The haze that remains
Is one of joy and passion.

Van Gogh takes to the sky
Painting his greatest masterpiece yet.
Stop to observe
The melting of yellow…to orange…to red.

The eyes of dusk open
The light of them reflected down
Only covered momentarily by musty veils
Disguising the day in slumber.