It’s (kind of) Fall Y’all!

Picture Taken By Riley Abellena, Taken on September 10, 2021, All Rights Reserved

Picture Taken By Riley Abellena, Taken on September 10, 2021, All Rights Reserved

The season of pumpkin spice and everything nice is upon us and has yet to disappoint with its yearly revival of lattes, scones, pancakes, oatmeal and an overall pumpkin craze. 

As pools close and the leaves lose their green glow, boredom can take hold in the everyday shuffle between school, homework, work and other activities. However, fall should not be treated as a placeholder between winter and summer, but as an opportunity. 

This is a rare time where the weather is just right for close to any activity, so, use this time wisely to spend with family and friends. Below are some ideas from fellow Lambert students on exactly how to embrace this change and make the most of this season! 

Dana Izzat Agha, a Lambert senior, shared that her personal favorite fall activity is going to the park and enjoying the weather. Nearby, there are many parks where you can experience this but Dana said that Caney creek preserve is the best place she’s found for fall picnics. 

“I love that nostalgic feeling in the air, reminds me of having turkey sandwiches with my Mom at the park”

The outdoors are a great place to embrace the chilling weather, Gillian Mathauer and Emily Olesonshared a couple of ideas about fall as a whole. Pumpkin patches and apple pickings were a hit in Gillian’s family growing up and Emily more recently through her high school years has associated fall with supporting the longhorns every Friday night at the football games with her friends.

“The weather is not too hot where it’s miserable to be all grouped up with so many people but not too cold where you can’t dress up for the themes and have fun with friends,” Emily said.

This is a great time to share with friends and family so take advantage of it while you still can.