“Ivory”: Omar Apollo’s Debut Album


Omar Apollo’s “Ivory” album cover. April 8, 2022. As his first official album, Omar hopes to touch the hearts of his listeners with a touch of hispanic culture. (Clash Magazine/Omar Apollo)

Omar Apollo is a fast-growing artist in the music industry representing the huge Hispanic-Latino community here in America.

He will be releasing his debut album, “Ivory,” on April 8, 2022. He has released two other EPs (“Stereo” and “Apolonio”) in the past years, but this will be his first full album.

There are 16 featured songs on the tracklist: 

1- Ivory

2- Talk

3- No Good Reason

4- Invincible (Ft. Daniel Caesar)

5- Endlessly Interlude

6- Killing Me

7- Go Away

8- Waiting on You

9- Petrified 

10- Personally 

11- En El Olvido 

12- Tamagotchi 

13- Can’t Get Over You

14- Evergreen

15- Bad Life (Ft. Kali Uchis)

16- Mr. Neighbor

While the number of songs in the album may seem like a lot, the whole album in itself is only 40 minutes long. I am someone who usually starts enjoying songs in newly released albums after hearing them some more times, but when I first listen to them, I usually don’t like them as much. 

Omar had released “Invincible,” “Killing Me,” “Bad Life,” “Go Away” and “Tamagotchi” as teasers for “Ivory” which got many listeners to become excited for what was to come. As an alternative/indie artist, many of Omar’s songs are slow-paced, but his songs, “No Good Reason,” “Talk” and “Tamagotchi” were way faster-paced.

While she hasn’t listened to the whole song yet, senior, Dione Geiling has listened to Omar and loved his songs for a while now.

“‘Invincible’ is my favorite song at the moment,” Geiling stated. “The Spanglish throughout the album is beautiful.”

Omar has made it very clear that he is proud to be Mexican-American throughout his whole career as an artist. He has released numerous songs in Spanish with many different styles highlighting Mexican music; his debut album was no different. The songs, “Killing Me” and “Tamagotchi” both had many Spanish verses beautifully mixed into the pieces. The song that stuck out to me the most was “En El Olvido.” When I first listened to this song, I instantly had chills. The style of music that Omar used for this song was “Ranchero,” a traditional Mexican style of song that usually tells a story of tragic love. Because I grew up listening to this genre with my family, I felt a very nostalgic feeling from this song. This was not the first time Omar has used more of the traditional Mexican style in his releases. In his “Apolonio” EP, his song, “Dos Uno Nueve (219)” he sang in the “Corrido” style of Mexican music which is a faster-paced and heavy genre.

Alex Ruano, who has been listening to Omar for years now has some thoughts on his new album.

“While I have heard many people say that his new album sounds redundant, I completely disagree,” Ruano stated. “Sure, most of his songs are slow-paced, but that has nothing to do with the different tones and pitches he uses. I can feel the different emotions he [Omar Apollo] is expressing throughout each and every song in the album, not to mention the Hispanic representation in his album.”

Shortly before Omar released “Ivory,” he began his tour, “Desvelado” which has dates all throughout North America and some in Europe. He will be performing at the Variety Playhouse in Atlanta on May 17, so if you want to hear Omar Apollo live, tickets are still available!