Looking at Lambert Soccer’s Upcoming Season

As the second semester begins and winter sports enter their final phases, the spring season is getting closer and closer; of all the sports to look forward to in the spring, Soccer is bound to be one of the most exciting after coming off of a state runner up to South High School last year.

Senior Connor Coniglio was a part of the runner up team last year and he is both confident in the abilities of the team this year, especially after making it so far last year and he is excited to shoot for the goal of the state championship one last time before he graduates.

“Of  course we will win this year,” Conniglio said. “Everyone who was on the team last year has already gone to the finals and experienced losing. We know what to improve on and we won’t make the same mistakes again.”

He is extremely confident in the team’s ability and even went as far as to say that despite the loss of some impressive senior players from last year, the core of the team is all still there and will continue to push through and let the team compete at the highest level they can.

Conniglio added to this when he spoke on how a big factor to the success of the team this year is which members of the team will be returning this year. 

“All the seniors we had last year were really impressive,” Coniglio said. “We’ve lost some offensive power that Julian gave us as well as defense with James, Gavin and Jared. We’ll be fine though, they helped all the returning players improve and I’m confident in the layers taking over their positions.”

Senior Diego Nogales Going for a head ball in the game against South Forsyth last year.

Senior Diego Nogales agreed with this statement and expressed that the only remaining anxiety about the season for the team will be seeing whether or not the entire line up returns.

However, even with the possibility of an altered line up to what his expectations are, Nogales was also extremely confident in the team’s ability this year and added, 

“We will win for sure this year,” he stated.