Second Game of The Season

Image is taken from Forsyth County News. Source:

For the first time in eight years, the Lambert Longhorns are starting the season with a 2-0 record. Last Friday night, they beat the Lassiter Trojans with a score of 34-19 making the 2020 Lambert senior night one to remember.

To kick off the game, Lassiter punted to Lambert. Kojo Antwi, Lambert’s wide-receiver, had a ten-yard completion to convert a key third and one. With the ball on Lassiter’s thirty-four-yard line, the Longhorn’s freshman quarterback, A.J. Ferrer, burst across the line for a tackle and five-yard loss. In response to another punt by Lassiter, Lambert’s Ashton Smith made a completed sixty-yard pass to fullback Noah Dobbs for a touchdown, and Max Chapa Ponce scored the extra point. In Lassiter’s possession, Carson Knowles, Lambert’s freshman running back, made a two-yard tackle-for-loss, resulting in a punt from Lassiter. They turned the ball over on downs after the Longhorns’ stout defense rendered the Trojans immobile.

Lambert entered the second quarter up seven points while Lassiter was trying to play catch-up. After a fight for possession, the Longhorns recovered the ball and started moving up the field. On their fourth down with nine yards to go, Lambert’s sophomore kicker, Ryan Degyansky, kicked a forty-one-yard field goal furthering their lead ten points. With nine minutes remaining, Lambert kicked the ball to Lassiter, landing on their fourteen-yard line. The Trojans wasted no time to turn around and punt the ball to the Longhorns. Lambert running back, Graham Timms, ended the first half with a four-yard rushing touchdown, adding six points to the scoreboard, along with Ponce’s additional point. 

Returning from halftime with a seventeen point lead, Lambert’s defense made a successful stop causing Lassiter to punt. Decreasing the deficit to eleven, Lassiter scored six points in their thirty-five-yard fumble return touchdown. With back-and-forth punts on both ends of the field, Lambert managed to stick the ball on their twenty-three-yard line with five minutes left in the quarter. Smith made a scintillating eighty-nine-yard pass to Antwi for a touchdown, putting Lambert ahead eighteen points. The quarter ended with Lassiter’s punt to Lambert and a big catch by Antwi.

Lambert started their dynamic fourth quarter by moving the ball to Lassiter’s nine-yard line. Lambert’s tight-end, Cole Nelson, made a completed nine-yard pass to Braden Bamburowski, giving six points to Lambert pairing with Alex Mitchell’s additional point totaling the score to 31-6. Lassiter counteracted with a touchdown and successful extra point adding seven points to their score. With seven minutes left on the clock, Max Chapa Ponce kicked a thirty-nine-yard field goal, adding three points to the board. The Trojans successfully battled for a rushing touchdown but failed their attempt at a two-point conversion. The score got bumped up to 34-19 where it stayed for the remainder of the game. During Lassiter’s final attempt at getting another touchdown, they were interrupted with a sack from Lambert’s sturdy defense. 

Lambert’s new training and mentality have pushed them to obtain another victory. The Longhorns have been showing up and putting in the work and their persistence is showing on the field. Their next rival is this Friday against the Meadowcreek Mustangs who are holding a 1-1 record so far. Go Longhorns!