Upcoming Winter Sport – Swimming

Compassion for teammates and commitment to the team – Head Coach Langley believes that putting passion into swimming and incorporating teamwork is far more important than simply winning.

“I’m of the mindset that high school needs to encompass as many people who want to [swim] as possible,” Coach Langley explained. “I think it’s an important part of growing up and being a team to be involved in something.”

In addition to Coach Langley putting the focus more towards the swimmers, she also makes them do yoga, meditation and stretching exercises. They do pre-practice and post-practice reflection forms to help them to reflect on their practice.

Even with winning not being their priority, this year, the boy’s swim team is aiming to get back on the state championships podium, while the girl’s team is focusing on winning their sixth state championship.

One such freshman swimmer, Nathan Sayer, has high standards for his debut season.  As of now, he is putting his focus on competition aspects.  He also has expectations and goals after he progresses through high school swimming.

“I’m going to try [to] swim in college. If I [get] really good, hopefully [I] go professional,” Nathan explained.

Their first meet will be on October 30, and there will be a competition amongst the Lambert swimmers to see which team can score the most points.