What’s Up With Softball?

Photo from @LambertSftBall Instagram, taken on September 23, 2021, Some rights reserved

Photo from @LambertSftBall Instagram, taken on September 23, 2021, Some rights reserved

With barely 2 weeks left in their regular season, Lambert Softball is currently on a power streak with a 19 game win streak and is both confident and excited for the potential of the team in this year’s playoffs.

Coach Youngblood made a point to mention the progress the team has made this year, specifically in their mentality regarding everything from practice to games. Especially how the talent over the past couple of seasons has come to fruition this year.

“We have had this level of success in the past, but it has been a few years since we’ve really been winning games at this clip,” Coach Youngblood explained. “There is a lot of things that go into it, I think we have a combination of two pitchers right now that I believe is the best combination in the region.”

Coach Youngblood also commented that he believes the combination of pitchers this year, Courtney Sauer and Hannah Cole, have made a significant impact on the ability of the team.

Not only was he clearly extremely proud of the significant leaps and bounds the team has made this year, but Coach Youngblood was also impressed with some of the individual perseverance that has been demonstrated throughout the season. Specifically, senior Maddie Todd as she has been fighting through a torn labrum, a tear of the cartilage that reinforces the shoulder and is especially important to softball players, all season. Despite that, she has been one of the leaders for the team offensively this season.

“Maddie Todd, one of our seniors, she is having a fantastic year,” Coach Youngblood explained. “I wouldn’t say we didn’t expect this, but to the level that she is playing, she is just dominating offensively.”

Another point that Coach Youngblood seemed to find pride in, is the growth the team has seen this year among the older players. He mentioned that they all seemed to realize that talent in the group isn’t enough to have the team pursue their goals, however this season they have put their talent aside and are working harder than ever. 

Coach Youngblood seemed ecstatic for the ending of the season and despite his statement that he doesn’t like to apply expectation on the team, he still mentioned the possibility of an Elite Eight finish, and possibly even better.