When Writers Write

“A simple poem about the life, struggle, and eventual “inspiration” for modern, typical, writers of today (especially those that use computers when writing essays, poems, and articles). My inspiration for writing this poem was to base it upon a stream of consciousness. I thought about what I wanted to do, which was write a poem, which led me to talk about writing poems and essays and any literary writings, for that matter; just the typical problems that come when attempting to write.” -Elton Govada


"Impossible to Overlook" by Lael White, Staff Writer

This older woman asked to be allowed to paint within the art museum in D.C. and I was fortunate enough to witness her painting an exact replica of this famous painting. She has a true talent and would rather paint for the joy of it without being considered a professional and without seeking fame.” -Lael White

I sit on a chair, waiting
I stare at the screen, dreaming
I look around the room, thinking
but I can’t seem to find it

The strokes of my fingers move swiftly
The letters on the page appear immediately
The thoughts from my mind come intently
but then, the “delete” key is pressed

The air outside seems bitter and cold
But this weather was always the same as old
Except that my heart,
was cold

I see the washer rumbling
I hear the clock ticking
I look around the room, waiting
but I can’t seem to find it

The legs of my body move restlessly
The eyes on my face blink impatiently
The energy from me dissipates gradually
but then, the “inspiration” is received

I run outside, though bitter and cold
With a feeling I felt that never feels old
Happy is my heart,
not cold.