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DeVos V.S. Woods: Standardized Testing Plans for 2021

Photo w/ men at the podium: Photo by Bob Andres taken on February 4, 2020, Some rights reserved, (license link)

Avery Haney, News Editor

October 12, 2020

Although on September 3rd of 2020, Betsy DeVos (The United States Secretary of Education) announced that the Trump Administration is requiring standardized testing to be mandatory despite Georgia’s waiver form, Richard Woods (The Georgia School Superintendent) is continuing to argue for less impact of the state assessment on student grades for this year. ...

C’ya Later SAT’s

Picture from Green Test Prep Website

ELLIE MILTZ, Opinion Staff

October 11, 2020

Many high school students stress over standardized college testing and spend hours studying just to receive average to below-average grades. It is being said that the admissions for fall 2021 in an increasing number of universities are dropping the ACT and SAT testing requirements due to COVID-19 an...

SAT Establishes “No Breathing” Policy

SungMin Park, Staff Writer

May 17, 2016

Among the changes that came with the New SAT, the College Board is most excited to implement its “No Breathing” policy.   “Once we have tried this new initiative, we believe that by now we will have covered all the bases when it comes to cheating”, says Daniel Coleman*, the CEO of C...

The SAT situation: October 3rd SAT cancelled?

Students never saw the scantron

Logan White, Literary Editor

October 6, 2015

Arriving at approximately 7:45 am to Pinecrest Academy on October 3, anxious high school students sat at their desks, awaiting an SAT that would never arrive. An hour later, an announcement rang over the loudspeaker that if the tests were not delivered in the next 10 minutes, they would have to be made up on...