C’ya Later SAT’s


Picture from Green Test Prep Website

Many high school students stress over standardized college testing and spend hours studying just to receive average to below-average grades. It is being said that the admissions for fall 2021 in an increasing number of universities are dropping the ACT and SAT testing requirements due to COVID-19 and making it optional. Does this mean that high school students have it easier now?


With high schools across the nation shut down or in limited operation, ACT Inc. and the College Board, the companies behind the ACT and SAT, canceled administrations of the exams until June, prompting a record number of colleges and universities to suspend the standardized test requirement or make it optional,” Alicia Lee’s article.


 Being a student myself, I think that there is a lot of hard work and time that goes into applying to colleges and studying for tests. Given the global pandemic, I understand that colleges will have to take precautions and make admissions more efficient.


Schools being closed down and the social distancing policy led to many students losing the opportunity to get tutoring and learn more for the SAT and ACT testing. Students with a testing date had multiple cancellations whether it was over the summer or during the school year.


I believe making these college prep tests optional could be a great thing for students that have a hard time studying and preparing for tests. The students that generally do badly on standardized testing have the advantage in this situation.


In different circumstances, students that do well on testing and count on testing to help them/help their grade, have the disadvantage in a situation where college testing is taken away. If testing is optional it makes these scores less important as a whole since it is not mandatory for applicants.  I, myself, count on testing and can handle standardized testing very well. 


“ACT scores are highly predictive of success in college,” said Colby. “They provide colleges with a standardized measure of academic readiness that can be used to compare students from different schools, districts, and states on a level playing field, something that no other admission factor can provide.”,” Alicia Lee’s article.


The removal of mandatory testing that is this advanced could potentially disturb the chances of students attending their desired college. For example, if a student with fewer extracurricular and clubs may count on college testing to amplify their education and quality as a student. If testing is removed, colleges do not have much to look at.  


High School is essential to be successful in life. During this time students learn basic life skills such as communication, presenting, and social skills. A large part of high school is testing for college to take the next step in life. Without the mandating of SAT and ACT testing, could our chances for attending college alter?