7 necessities for the perfect prom potluck


Used with permission from Scott Merritt.

A prom group stands in front of their limo before leaving for the dance.

  1. Awesome friends who want a more casual get-together

It all starts by having a group of friends who want to have a fun gathering, but don’t want to spend a ton of money on expensive meals or have to worry about making reservations for a constantly changing number of people. Once you have this decided with your friends, you just have to plan.

Used with permission from Scott Merritt
A group of friends pose together to get their picture taken.
  1. Invitations

You can use an evite or you can even go old-school and design your own invitations with some markers and paper. If you really want to go modern, you can even just make a group message on group me or an invitation on Facebook to get the word out. The invitations don’t have to be fancy and expensive, they just have tolet your friends know to save the date.

  1. A place to host your potluck

Whether it be a backyard or a park, as long as you have a fun place to get together for your potluck, you’ll have a great time. Any large open space works, and around prom, outside is the prettiest and most scenic for a party.

If you love entertaining outdoors, a drink dispenser is a must-have addition to your next party. It's the perfect way to serve refreshing summer drinks, like freshly squeezed lemonade or homemade sangria, and it makes it easy for guests to help themselves throughout the evening.:

  1. A sign up sheet of food and utensils to bring

If everyone brings a different type of dish or utensil- dinner, dessert, snack, or plates and plastic ware- there will be enough for everyone. Make sure the food is finger food and isn’t too messy though, because you don’t want to ruin the dresses or tuxes! Sign up genius is a great tool that shows everyone who’s bringing what and what is still in need of being brou


  1. Cute decorations

Make sure whoever is hosting the potluck has cure decorations to dress up the place! Pinterest always has great decoration ideas and you can also think of some of your own. Hanging ribbon and cute banner letters always helps makes the space look better. Along with ribbon, flowers always dress up any area they’re in and are a great way to make your potluck look formal. To save some money, you can get fake flowers anywhere from Walmart to Michaels, or even online.

outdoor entertaining ideas from pinterest


  1. A party music playlist

Either you can make a playlist of some of your favorite songs or put a friend in charge of the music, but either way, as long as you have some upbeat popular party songs, your potluck will be one to remember. You can also go on Spotify or Pandora where you can play a playlist or radio station with whatever music everyone likes best!



  1. Photographers

Because prom is a very popular event, most peoples’ parents will be there to take pictures, but despite what you may think, you can never have too many. It might seem annoying and time consuming to take so many pictures, but these are your memories. To spice them up a bit, you can make your own cute photo booth with a table cloth and some ribbon and print out some cute props.

Used with permission from Scott Merritt
4 friends pose together in front of a homemade photo booth.

You can follow everything on this list and even add your own little touches here and there, and you will for sure have a beautiful and fun night to remember. Happy prom!