The Goldbergs standard


from Goldbergs Bagel Company and Deli yelp page

About a month ago, when the holiday spirit was still in full swing, I found myself walking through The Avalon off of exit 10. I was exhausted from 2 hours’ worth of trying not to completely embarrass myself while ice skating and we were looking for a place to eat.

To be completely honest, it was so cold outside that I entered Goldbergs completely by accident. I was viewing it purely as a place to regain feeling in my hands.

However, when I walked inside I was shocked to see the restaurant filled with people eating burgers and sandwiches with bagels as the bun.

Initially, I thought to myself that there’s no way the sweetness of a bagel could properly pair with the classic taste of an American burger. But the more I looked at the people enjoying their unique dinner, the more I realized that I absolutely had to have one.

If all those people could be so happy eating their bagel burger, then it must taste pretty awesome, right? So we got a table for ourselves, with no wait whatsoever on a Friday night, and I promptly ordered myself a Goldburger on a cinnamon raisin bagel.

If you go to a new restaurant and there’s something on the menu named after the restaurant, order it. If you don’t you’ve just made a grave mistake because it’s the reason the restaurant is in business at all.


But anyways, our food comes out fairly quickly and I start to wonder if I made the wrong choice by going the way of cinnamon raisin. I’d kind of panicked when the waiter came and said the first bagel I could think of.

When I took the first bite though, all of my cinnamon raisin worries went away.

This burger tasted incredible. Raisins and cinnamon mixed marvelously with that juicy burger. It was so delicious that the girl I was with got concerned by the look on my face while I was eating it. So yeah, it was pretty good.

Reasonably priced, scrumptious food with a unique twist is hard to come by. I’m making my way back to Goldbergs the next time I’m even remotely close to The Avalon and if you’re reading this, you should too.