Behind the scenes of HOSA Subcommittees

Photo used by the Lambert Post, taken in 2017, Some rights reserved,

Photo used by the Lambert Post, taken in 2017, Some rights reserved,

 Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA), a healthcare-related organization, is one of the biggest and most influential clubs at Lambert High school. Consisting of over 600 members, it has been difficult for the officers, a carefully selected team of 10 students, to execute the many responsibilities that this club has to achieve.

When the Lambert HOSA Chapter was created in 2012, HOSA officers decided to introduce the idea of subcommittees to the members. A variation of this initiative was then used in the following years. 

Unfortunately, the 2020-2021 school year was the first year that HOSA had to cancel subcommittees. This is due to the officer team’s decision to avoid overburdening students with work and numerous health constraints.

With much anticipation, this school year HOSA is reopening these popular subcommittees. They will allow students to work together to tackle the various aspects of the club. 

Lambert HOSA subcommittees consist of seven unique groups. These small communities will concentrate on a single long-term initiative or aim that will help a specific region of HOSA. 

For example, one of the subcommittees, HOSA Hype, will focus on creating videos for HOSA members during significant events such as Student Leadership Conference (SLC) or Fall Leadership Conference (FLC). 

Damita Trehan, Vice President of HOSA, talks about the significance of these subcommittees and how they benefit this club. 

“Each area of HOSA deserves its own attention, and obviously we don’t want people overworking themselves so we created different subcommittees.” Trehan states. 

She explained how time-consuming various fundraisers and projects can become for HOSA and emphasizes the importance of distributing the projects. 

For example, The National Service Project is considered a very significant fundraising initiative for HOSA members, and Trehan states the importance of giving that project a designated amount of time. 

Trehan also talked about how these subcommittees will allow all students to develop new leadership skills and be a part of HOSA that they love. 

“I feel like especially for our younger members like our freshman or sophomores, they can definitely learn some more leadership skills,” Trehan said.

Her personal experience as a member of one of the subcommittees as well as these experiences allowed her to build her leadership skills and work with others. 

“Personally, when I volunteered for the Antebellum events [a nursing home] it was really great because it brought a joy to [the elderly’s] faces because they don’t see many new faces there obviously,” Trehan explained talking about her experience being a member of one of the subcommittees. 

“Even if students are not interested in the medical field, HOSA does offer a bunch of other leadership opportunities,” Trehan expressed. 

 Trehan emphasized how students have used the skills they have learned in HOSA and applied them to other fields, and she recommends everyone to consider joining the club.