Dr. Covert and The National Science Honors Society


AP Environmental Science teacher, National Science Honors Society sponsor and Science Olympiad coach Dr. Covert, October 27, 2021. New to Lambert High School, Dr. Covert pursues his passion for science by sponsoring NSHS. (Dr. Covert/Jimena Ruano)

Lambert’s National Science Honors Society has been an open environment for students who have a passion for science and want to show it off. 

NSHS’ goal is to enhance one’s scientific knowledge by engaging in in-class experiments and research. 

Dr. Covert, a new addition to Lambert’s staff, became the NSHS sponsor for the organization and is proud to support his passion for science through it. Although he is still trying to lay down his roots at Lambert, he portrays a positive attitude towards teaching science and leading NSHS.

Dr. Covert’s love for science stems all the way from high school and all throughout college. As a young science major, Dr. Covert believed he would become a scientist, but later realized teaching would enhance his passion.

“I was on the path to becoming a scientist, I published articles… done weeks and weeks of research but realized that that sort of solitary existence as the researcher wasn’t me, it was more getting out and sharing the knowledge of science differently,” Dr. Covert stated.

Using his experiences regarding science as a way to connect his fascination for science with his students, Dr. Covert uses the NSHS as another outlet to convey his knowledge of science.

“The general flow of a meeting is really membership-driven and sharing their passion for science,” Dr. Covert says. “Officers make a science trivia and then after that, we get to the real business, which is talking about two things: what science opportunities there are for service and the lambert community, and second, sharing interesting current events.”

In terms of what Dr. Covert hopes for in terms of the NSHS chapter at Lambert, he intends on going on some field trips and doing more hands-on events, but due to COVID, it is a little more difficult to get it all started.

Along with NSHS, Dr. Covert is a coach for Science Olympiad. Right now, he is working with students in the Life Science event. 

“If you’re a student who loves science and even if you’re not doing great numerically in a class but you have a passion for what we do in Science Olympiad, come on down because we definitely have a place for everybody,” Dr. Covert expresses.

Some upcoming NSHS events include Physics professor Dr. Ted from the University of North Georgia, coming as a guest speaker to talk about the STEM teaching pipeline and his career path and the upcoming meeting in November that will be the 3rd and final fall meeting. On the Science Olympiad side, they have a couple of events coming up, but the biggest one includes the UGA Science Olympiad, during the second week in November in which they go for a day or two to compete. 

For anyone underclassman who is interested in joining NSHS next year and has an interest in science, make sure to contact Dr. Covert through his email.