Georgia Introduces New Voting System

Georgia recently spent a total of $106 million on new voting equipment just in time for the presidential primaries happening this upcoming March as well as the final presidential elections in November. The new machines are promising up to date touchscreen technology, printed ballad accessibility, and hack-proof mechanics. 


Many Georgians including Judge Amy Totenburg are thrilled with the disposal of the 2002 machinery.

Totenburg shares, “state had allowed its voting system to become ‘way too old and archaic’ “. 

The state’s vendor, Dominion Voting Systems are excited to be apart of the fast-approaching polls as well!  

*Judge Amy Totenburg pictured moments before a court   case.





Backlash Surrounding the Purchase

Although many have expressed enthusiasm with the purchase, cybersecurity specialists and activists believe that the new systems are prone to old flaws. 

*Wenke Lee


Software developer and professor, Wenke Lee comments, “With the way technology keeps changing, keeps improving, and also the threat landscape keeps changing, I think it’s a pretty dumb idea to sink a huge amount of money into a system and then be stuck with it for like 15 years.” Similar to Lee, many others feel more comfortable with paper ballots with a zero percent chance of malfunction. 

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Despite disagreement, Georgia’s brand new voting systems will be in full swing for the elections and will surely bring innovation to the polls.