How Stressful Can Graduating Be?


Group of students graduating from high school throwing their caps in the air. May 20, 2019. As exciting as graduation may seem, a students first has to take into consideration everything that goes into finsining high school. (Skynesher/Getty Images)

As spring break is getting closer and closer, for seniors it means that they only have a few more weeks of school left until graduation.

For many students, graduation can either be stressful or one of the most exciting moments of their high school career. Dedicating four years of one’s life to step into a new stage of life takes a lot out of a student. You may feel pressured by family, peers or even yourself to get the best grades and ultimately get into a top school. 

There are so many things to put into consideration once one enters high school. Grades, GPA and standardized testing are just a few examples. 

It can be hard to stay motivated throughout the four years that one is in high school. In your freshman year, you are the most excited about school because the environment is new and it is an important year for starting new friendships. Meanwhile, your morale starts to decline sophomore year because you feel that high school does not fully revolve around grades as much as having a fun time while also obtaining an education. As a junior, you have to start picking up the pace a bit because of standardized testing such as the SAT and ACT. 

Not only that, but students also have to begin researching colleges to prepare for the application process senior year. Your last year of high school can be one of the most stressful, yet relaxing years in high school. Your first semester consists of narrowing down the colleges you would like to attend, or deciding what other option you would like to pursue after school. Most applications are finished by late December/early January and after that, your second semester is a waiting game while decisions come out.

It can also be very difficult for some seniors who are having a hard time trying to get their grades up in time for graduation. Lambert administrators believe that there is always something they can do to help these students to pass their required classes and graduate with their class. 

Mr. Meinburg, the Graduation Coach and Student Coordinator here at Lambert is someone who truly cares about every student’s success and believes there is always more one can do to help another when struggling. In his first year of becoming a staff member at Lambert four years ago, Mr. Meinburg started a new program called, “Senior Saddled Up for Success.” 

“Senior Saddled Up for Success will start the week before spring break where seniors will have to be mandated to come during their lunchtime- the entire lunchtime to the media to work on missing work,” Mr. Meinburg explains.

Saddled Up will begin March 23rd, to call in every senior that is failing one or more graduation requirement courses. Every Tuesday and Thursday until all work is finished, students will meet in the media center to work on raising their grades. If seniors are failing graduation requirement courses, they may lose their IE squared and be put in a study hall period until their requirements are met. In just the first three years, of the program running, it saved about between 20 and 40 kids to be able to graduate with their class.

As a senior in high school, after your first semester is over and you have already applied to colleges or figured out what your plans will be after school, it can be difficult to find the motivation to attend classes and do school work.

“Senioritis-it’s a real thing…students sometimes need help seeing a finish line, and they’re getting ahead of themselves with college and what’s after high school, but they have to finish what they started here in order to be successful out of high school,” Mr. Meinburg concluded.

While it may seem difficult to continue putting effort into school, it can affect your chances of graduating and could ultimately have serious consequences in the long run. 

So, for the seniors who are graduating, regardless of if you have chosen to continue your education or indulge in something else, be proud that you have come so far to become the person you are today. I believe that is the most gratifying feeling. And for the students who are yet to graduate, take your time to enjoy every moment. It is good to study and pay attention in school, but do not forget that the most important part of high school is to have fun and make endless memories!