The iPhone 11


Both the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro were announced in Apple’s Fall Event on September 10th. Both phones are available for pre-order on September 13th at 5:00 a.m. PDT. The iPhone 11 Pro has many exclusive features. Exclusive only to the iPhone 11 Pro, the Ultra-Wide camera shows a wider portrayal of the picture you take; the Wide camera is similar to the Ultra-Wide, however, it captures a smaller picture compared to the other cameras; the Telephoto camera is the regular camera found in most of the other iPhones (You can find more information  on the iPhone 11 and its features here: 


Pictured below is the iPhone 11 and the colors that it comes in.


The aesthetic difference between the two phones is that the iPhone 11 comes in more colors, like purple, white, yellow, black, red, and green. It has a glossier feel, due to the aluminum and glass it is made of; the iPhone 11 Pro is more textured and has a matte back because it’s made of stainless steel and glass. According to Forbes, this iPhone is heavier in weight and lower in cost compared to the other iPhones released in previous years. Buying this new and more cost-effective iPhone will definitely be a smart purchase if you’re looking for a new phone to buy this fall.