A drawback to stress

Stress affects everyone differently. For some, it may cause them to lash out at those around them, or perhaps it may cause them shut off all connections to their friends and family. It may cause them to condense everything they’re feeling deep inside of them, or it may cause them to expel every mishap to any ear that will listen. Whatever a person’s reaction may be to the torture of stress, one this is consistently true of it’s effects. Stress will always diminish a piece of who you are. A once kind and understanding person can become uncontrollably angry and uncooperative when placed under the influence of stress. The most important thing to understand during these times, whether you’re the person dealing with stress or the observer, is that stress doesn’t define anyone, but is merely a byproduct of a situation. Once this self-detachment from stress is made, it can be a lot simpler to handle.