Equestrian team rides into victory


Taken from the Lambert High School Facebook page

There was lots of excitement after the Lambert Equestrian Team’s success after the regional competition.

On Saturday, Lambert High School’s very own Equestrian team made the trip to Chicopee Woods Equestrian Center in Gainesville, Georgia in order to compete in the regional competition. After a lot of hard work and dedication, the Equestrians pulled out a second place win, earning Lambert yet another recognition to add to the school’s repertoire. Two riders, Kat Dershimer and Madilynn Morgan, had lots of success at this competition and ended up placing first in their class. Because of this, the girls are qualified to move onto Zones. Dershimer and Morgan will be heading out to Clemson University in April in order to compete for Lambert against other riders in the Southeastern United States. The Lambert Equestrian team continues to perform excellently and amaze as they ride into more competitions.