Group Projects

Students have all participated in group projects at one point or another in their school careers. With all the projects they have done over the years they have probably encountered a couple of these types of partners.

The Sleeping Beauty: This is the person who you know wont work. They can usually be found in the back of the classroom on their phone or sleeping. You were probably only paired with them because they were the last person and you couldn’t find a partner.

The Encourager: In group projects this person tends to be the one that keeps everyone together and things working smoothly. You may not know exactly what they contributed to the project, but they were fun to have around anyways.

The Artist: Everyone calls dibs on this person for their projects that require a physical display of the information. They tend to not contribute to the research portion of the project, however, thanks to them, the teacher gave you bonus points and asked to keep your project for future examples.

The Brains: This person takes control of the project. They do most of the research and typing. Not only do they look smart, but they are the best at everything they do- even the smallest seeming formative group project.