The best books to cure winter blues


Photo by Elizabeth Findley

During winter months, escpecially when snowed inside, reading is one of the most fun things to do. The article below details some great suggestions for those searching for the perfect book to read next.

When cold weather hits and going outdoors seems like a slim option, one of the best activities to enjoy and pass the time with is to pick up a great new book. The choice of which book to read can sometimes be overwhelming, so here is a guide to help find the perfect book to cure those wintery blues.

One idea is to just go ahead and read assigned school books for Literature class, whether it be to get ahead or catch up, utilizing these days away from school or stuck inside the house to do school work is never a bad idea, especially when the literature is as exciting as what some classes are reading right now. Some of these works include Romeo and Juliet, Brave New World, and The Stranger.

Other book ideas that are sure to make these cold days a lot warmer are to revisit favorite books from childhood. Series like The Chronicles of Narnia are perfect for reading a single book for an hour or two or spending the day reading the whole series. The Harry Potter series is another great childhood favorite to read on chilly winter days as it can warm almost any heart. The perfect thing about these two series is that there is a high change they may already be in someone’s house, so there is no need to risk driving on an icy road to go to the bookstore.

For fans of classic literature, Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert is an excellent read centering around a woman named Emma who gets married but then realizes that she has become fairly bored of her husband and proceeds to look for love elsewhere. This novel is guaranteed to have readers hooked from cover to cover with the enticing plotline and the beautiful writing.

For fans of crime or thriller, The Talented Mr. Ripley by Patricia Highsmith is a very entertaining read featuring a man who just cannot seem to stop lying. Tom Ripley, the main character, is employed to travel to Italy to bring home Dickie Greenleaf, the employer’s son; however, Tom quickly becomes obsessed with Dickie and his lifestyle. With this quickly budding obsession, the plot unfolds from there. This novel is perfect for winter days as the suspense and thrill will for sure keep hearts rapidly beating the whole way through.

For fans of contemporary young adult novels, It’s Kind Of A Funny Story by Ned Vizzini is the surprisingly lighthearted story of a teenage boy who is dealing with very serious things, like his clinical depression. The boy, Craig Gilner, checks himself into a mental hospital after attempted suicide where he starts on the road to recovery surrounded by all of the other personalities of the psychiatric ward. Though this book is built around hard topics, such as depression and anxiety, at the core is a heartwarming story about finding happiness, friendship, and who someone really is inside.

Lastly for fans of young adult fantasy stories, Graceling by Kristin Cashore is a truly beautifully written book about a girl by the name of Katsa who is living in a world where certain people are born having “graces”, or special abilities. Katsa’s grace is very deadly, killing. This story follows Katsa and good friend turned love interest, Po and their journey working to discover truths about themselves and the King Leck. This novel utilizes enticing characters and beautiful, descriptive language that guarantees it to become the ultimate page-turner.

As the weather continues to become greyer and greyer, remember that one of the best ways to bring back color into life is through a new breathtaking story!