Tyler Perry wins Favorite Humanitarian award


Photo by Rubenstein, published on May 8, 2008, Some rights reserved, license link: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/2.0/, original link to work: https://www.flickr.com/photos/rubenstein_/2496586953/in/photolist-4NBEjD-2kASUB-7wetZv-cz9x5d-cz9pkf-cxP3Mh-cxPbmC-dqL4M1-cxDwKj-dqKVDP-czaZHq-czaFhN-cxRPrQ-cz9j3s-dqL2Tu-cza5ms-cxNRAW-zV6cEM-7cjSF4-e74Hrw-75WVuZ-8GrnfU-8Grnwu-8Grnku-LbDtQY-LbDzKo-85oL6a-JnBrB9-6Cs15C-6Cs15G-aUzFSz-96J2GD-3atRYJ-ghvmbk-ghuVjP-ghuEvj-ghvpyc-ghuZnQ-7dJ2t9-atC5rZ-atC4U8-atC5gv-atC4Pn-atEK8W-atC5e8-atC4Xi-atEK7u-atC5v6-atEKz1-atC5ED Tyler Perry poses at the Time 100 Gala.

On January 18, the People’s Choice Awards took place and offered many awards, such as Finding Dory as Favorite Movie and Me Before You has Favorite Dramatic Movie.

One of the most notable awards of the night was the Favorite Humanitarian Award, granted to Georgian Tyler Perry. Perry is known for donating millions of dollars to various charities and working to help victims of homelessness, support civil rights, and supporting survivors in times of natural disaster.

In honor for winning the award, $100,000 gave to Perry’s charity of choice, Global Medical Relief Fund. Afterwards, he gave a speech.

In a heartfelt introduction by Kristen Bell, she outlined his eagerness to help in crisis situations; this includes his efforts to build homes, churches, schools, his efforts to bring clean drinking water, and his advocacy for what he believes in.

Perry’s acceptance speech uplifted many viewers. He started by speaking about the safety regulations of the building, from the sprinkler system to the fire extinguishers. He made his point when talking about the backup lights.

“…it is so important that we know that no matter how dark it gets, we all have to be light for each other,” Perry said, saying that we all need to be “backup lights” and commenting how we should all be a positive force in others lives when they can’t be for themselves.