Computer Science!


“Kids, Adults, and Computers at Hack4Kids” by Alexandre Dulaunoy is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

With clubs at lambert having recently started back up and now pushing to get back to full force school spirit is on the rise as more and more students are looking for clubs that pique their interest. One club in specific is extremely excited for the year and what it has to offer despite restrictions from the pandemic. Sujoy Chakravarti a junior here at Lambert is the current president of the computer science club, and he is ready to blow the competition out of the code this year. When I spoke with him and his vice president, Krish Sharma, they were super excited about what they are going to do this year; everything from competitions, to helping beginners learn the basics.

“We started this year, it was an idea I had over the summer, I wanted to start a computer science club because I saw the majority of students at Lambert also take the computer science pathway, so I thought maybe advancing their knowledge in computer science and also compete in events throughout this year.” Sujoy’s biggest point was that he wanted everyone to have the opportunity to gain more experience in the computer science field.

Mrs. Van Slyke and Mr. Ware are the two sponsors for the club and in the past, they have taken club members to many different events. They plan on participating in competitions from regional and held up to the national level within events related to FBLA among other clubs and organizations. These events entail several different styles of computer science-related competitions from Hack-a-thons, events where young programmers work on an idea with help from experienced programmers to help their idea come to fruition. Other events include competitions that range from 3D animation to project programming.

Sujoy spoke on some reasons that he put in the effort to rebuild the club after it collapsed last year and stopped functioning. He also spoke about how he hopes that he can help everyone with an interest in computer science, whether through school or their personal life, learn more about it and develop their skills in the area further than just the basics from online or class. 

“I wanted to restart it because I do other things outside of school that are related to computer science, so maybe I can bring my knowledge to other kids, help grow the Lambert community because computer science and technology is the future. So I think this experience might be beneficial for some students.” Sujoy stated.

Sujoy’s passion for technology and the students he wants to help in the computer science path is visible as he explains his reasons for rekindling the club. The club plans for online meetings in light of the pandemic for this semester, as well as the events which are planned to be held online as well. If you are interested in the club you can talk to either of the club sponsors, Mrs. Van Slyke, or Mr. Ware, check their page on the Lambert High School Website, or check out their Instagram @lambertcompsci.