Dance Team

Photo by (Instagram) @LambertDanceComany, Taken on August 11, 2021, Some rights reserved

Photo by (Instagram) @LambertDanceComany, Taken on August 11, 2021, Some rights reserved

The Lambert Dance Company is a competitive team under the direction of Mrs. Lippe and Miss. Berg. The company has mandatory practices on Tuesdays and Fridays where they prepare their performances for the public. This year, the dance team is evolving and are taking on new challenges.


“It’ll be a lot different this year because we will be competing against other schools,” Meritt McClung remarked. “Last year we only had one semester and we just did shows.”


The team transitioned from doing mostly shows for the school to competing in the GHSA. The GHSA, otherwise known as the Georgia Highschool Association, hosts all the events for Georgia high school sports. It is monumental for the dance team to join this, as they will now be judged on their dances.


Some of the biggest competition, undoubtedly would be from schools that come from in our county. Schools such as West Forsyth and North Forsyth High Schools, who are known around the county for their incredible past achievements. These teams will also be participating in the GHSA regional season and striving for success. 


Out of all of these teams though, the one that the Lambert Dance Company wants to beat the most is the one closest to us. South Forsyth High School, their dance team is just as serious as Lambert’s and they practice just as much.


“[We want] to win, to beat South.” said Oliva Liggon when talking about the team’s goals for this year.


Along with this change they also have a new sponsor for the school year. While Mrs. Berg was already one of the sponsors of the team; Mrs. Lippe is a bright new face representing Lambert dance.


“My daughter and other dancers shared an interest of wanting to compete and leave their studio competition teams to be more involved with school,” Mrs. Lippe stated. Mrs. Lippe continued,  “Lambert needed a school sponsor as well, and Miss Berg, generously, has taken on the adventure with me.”


With the help of Miss. Berg and Mrs. Lippe, the Lambert Dance Company have many goals for the competition at county and state level. The GHSA is hosting a dance competition in February of this coming year. The Lambert Dance Company has lots of plans for this event.

“[We want] to place in the top ten at the state competition,” remarked Mrs. Lippe.


The competition dances are choreographed by Byrnn Aresnaeu and Adrianna, who are brought in specially to help with these dances. They are choreographers that come in from studios and help out the team as much as they can.


The team also had a different selection process this year compared to years past. In the past, they took people who were not as experienced. But as of this year they will be competing against other teams, making the selection process stricter.


To get on the team, you have to try out and get scored by the creative directors. If you didn’t get a certain score, you weren’t accepted onto the team. This refined process ensures that only the best of the best are on the team. 


With all these changes to the Dance Company, the girls and directors will have to adjust to the new challenges. Undoubtedly, this hard working group of girls will achieve their goals and bring honor to Lambert High School as a whole.