Here’s What to Know About the Upcoming Pep Rally

A picture of Evelyn Kim as a barbeque dad. Tuesday 26, 2022.(The Lambert Post/Hunter Dzerve)

A picture of Evelyn Kim as a barbeque dad. Tuesday 26, 2022.(The Lambert Post/Hunter Dzerve)

This Thursday, Lambert is hosting a pep rally as a part of prom spirit week. As a result, each class period will be cut a few minutes short and the pep rally will commence in between two periods. 

The pep rally’s theme is “Countdown to Summer,” as chosen by the seniors of SGA. The spirit week dress-up themes also connect to the countdown to the summer theme. Monday: Twins Day, Tuesday: Soccer Moms and Barbeque Dads, Wednesday: Dressing in Grey, Thursday: Dressing in Class Colors-Freshman: Grey, Sophomores: White, Juniors: Crimson, Seniors: College Shirts and Friday: Dress as Kindergarteners. 

Although the pep rally is focusing on prom week, it is also an opportunity to boost school spirit. 

“Since we haven’t been able to have a pep rally at all this year it’s of course for prom,” Mrs. Bucherati said. “But it’s also just for school spirit in general.”

During the pep rally, there will be activities that students can participate in, along with a performance by the Lambert Dance Company. Coaches and teachers will also be participating in games to show their school spirit for Lambert High School. 

Spirit points are an additional exciting part of the pep rally, as each grade level can earn spirit points for their grade. Students will participate in relay-style games and whoever wins gathers points for their grade. 

“Everybody sits by grade level, so it’s really easy to cheer for your grade,” Mrs. Bucheratti expressed. 

SGA is extremely excited to be hosting the pep rally, as it will be the first time in two years since the whole school could gather together in the gym. SGA has high expectations for the pep rally and hopes that students have a great time. 

“If everybody just leaves energized and excited to go to prom, that will be a success in the eyes of SGA,” Mrs. Bucheratti said.