Painting Positivity in an Unusual Place


The Girl Up club here at Lambert organized a bathroom painting project that resulted in the creation of many beautiful murals throughout the school.

The Girl Up club began their bathroom project in the spring of 2019, but they started preparations months before. The idea for the project came up when Mrs. Halter, a co-advisor of the club, was scrolling through Pinterest and pinned an image of a painted school bathroom. After seeing this post, she realized that the club could do a similar project using girls’ bathrooms to spread positive messages during the school day. 

“Because girls struggle so much with body image and self-esteem and getting negative messages from all over the place, I thought it would be a little counter-messaging.” Mrs. Halter said.

Once the Girl Up officers concluded that they wanted to do this project, Mrs. Halter began contacting the administration to get approved. 

After a few months of waiting, they were finally approved to begin the project. With the help of girls from several clubs here at Lambert, like Redefining Beautiful, NEHS, and Art Club, they were able to create beautiful artwork and inspire many girls throughout our school.

 “I definitely would love to see each club that painted a bathroom last year add a special quote, symbol or phrase that really sums up the corresponding year.” Poorvi Joganpalli, an officer of Girl Up, said. 

The club hopes to continue their project in the future, adding to their previously done bathrooms, broadening the clubs that are involved, and starting work on more bathrooms around the school. 

Redefining Beautiful’s Bathroom and The Girl Up Bathroom