Sleepy Lambert


Students at Lambert High have been sleeping since probably the opening of the school in 2009. You can see students sleeping in the Library, the hallways and obviously during class. But now students should be on high alert because an anonymous Instagram account is catching students sleeping. 

@lambert_slumped is an Instagram account catching students sleeping all throughout the school. This account gets over a hundred likes on some of their posts proving to be quite a popular page for students to see their fellow classmates dozing off. Each post on their page features multiple photos of different people sleeping throughout Lambert.

Even though some might find this page to be invading their personal space, (there’s a high chance that these photos are not consented) one student who has been featured on this page, Ziyaan Sayani found the account to be comedic.

 “Oh I’ve been featured on one of the Lambert Sleeping accounts and honestly I don’t mind,” Ziyaan said. “It’s funny.”

Looking at this page, it almost seems as though Lambert High has an account for everything except for schoolwork. Nonetheless, this is a page that can be seen as comedic relief for students stressing over grades and upcoming tests.