Animal Volunteering Club


Dog up for adoption at Forsyth County Animal Shelter, taken by Elizabeth Chapuis in Summer of 2022

The Animal Volunteering Club is a student-led organization that participates in supply drives, donations and group volunteer events focusing on impacting the lives of animals. The club meets in room 2203 every Tuesday from 7:30-7:45 am.

“The goal of this club is to take our time to help animal shelters, rescues and clinics,” President Elizabeth Chapuis said. “It’s to make the shelters and rescues around here have a bit easier time and help some pets.”

The Animal Volunteering Club is looking to volunteer at Forsyth County Animal shelter as well as some privately owned shelters, like Furkids. Furkids is a no-kill shelter, meaning that they do not participate in euthanization. Fostering or supporting Furkids is vital as their unique no-kill policy allows Furkids to house more animals in need. 

“This club is striving to help a lot more pets and to make it an easier time for the shelters to take in and have their pets get adopted,” Chapuis said.

The Animal Volunteering Club is for the community. It makes an impact on the lives of helpless animals and gives them an opportunity to find a new home.  

“Coming together to help these pets, ones that are homeless and really need a place to go,” Chapuis says. “Just get in there, really be a part of something bigger.”