Latino Youth Leadership Conference: Paving a Way Towards Education


The LAA’s logo

The Latino Youth Leadership Conference was back for their 20th annual year on November 2nd, 2019, to educate America’s future leaders on the college opportunities and preparations they should take, hosted by Emory University.


  The Latin American Association started the annual Latino Youth Leadership Conference 19 years ago in the hopes of educating students, inspiring them to continue their education, and to pursue their dreams. Over the years, it has grown from as little as 200 students attending, to now over 2,300. 


The day consists of motivational speakers, tips for college, workshops, and a college fair for students. Breakfast and lunch are provided for free for all students, parents, and mentors. The Latino Youth Leadership conference offers specific college information for students in grades 6-12. 


Emily Kuhl and the Lambert Post’s very own journalist, Jimena Ruano, attended the conference this past weekend for their fifth consecutive year in hopes of learning more about college opportunities.

Pictured left is Emily Kuhl, a Lambert student, attending her fifth year at the LYLC


“The Latino youth conference was a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the colleges and financial aid available to us Latinos while allowing us to participate in workshops that encourage teamwork and new approaches in brainstorming,” stated Emily.


Like Emily, many Latinos that attended the conference had the same goal. They want to have the opportunity to learn more about the possibilities that await them if they continue their education pathway. The Latino Youth Leadership Conference is an excellent way for many to achieve their dream.