“Moderately severe” flu epidemic occurring in nearly all US states


Photo by Bill Smith, published November 7, 2014, Some rights reserved, License link: http://bit.ly/1mhaR6e, original link to work: http://bit.ly/2n5HyYp, Papers are seen with information regarding influenza.

While flu season is something we await every year, this year’s particular strain has been having a worse effect than usual. H3N2, a strain of influenza, is mostly responsible for the outbreak that is now occurring across most states. According to the CDC, the only state not reporting widespread activity is Hawaii. Since October, 30 children have died from that particular strain.

Not only is the flu itself causing major problems this year, but those affected are met with a lack of medical equipment in hospitals. This is partly due to a high demand and partly due to the destruction and blackouts in Puerto Rico. IV bags in particular are manufactured in Puerto Rico and the recent hurricanes have caused a shortage of this equipment. Some hospitals have begun to inject drugs directly into the vein in a process called “IV Push.”

As the flu season (currently described as moderately severe) continues, it is important to know how to help ease it. The current hospitalization rate is 31.5% per 100,000 Americans. Although this year’s vaccine is not as effective, it is still highly suggested to get. If it doesn’t prevent the flu, it will at least relieve some of the symptoms. It is best to maintain good hygiene and make a plan with your doctor.