Researchers Discover Water Vapor on New Planet

*Artist’s Rendition of what the new planet and host star could look like. Credit:

An exoplanet containing water vapor and other characteristics to support life was recently discovered on September 11th, 2019. 

The planet given the title K2-18b was recently picked up on a constellation located a  whopping 110 light years away from Earth. Along with the finding of water vapor, scientists used studies from NASA and the European Space Agency as a base for finding hydrogen and helium as well

Researchers have deemed the water discovery as a major factor for life, but some threatening features have been found as well. K2-18b reportedly suffered exposure to huge amounts of radiation from its surrounding red dwarf star. Although there are more factors to the exoplanet than originally perceived, UCL researchers are still pleased at the progress of the discovery.  

*Relative size K2-18b compared to the familiar planets Earth and Jupiter. Source:

“What makes that really exciting is that the planet is in the so-called habitable zone.

This means it has a temperature that is quite mild and temperate, so it is potentially good for life” a scientist shares. 

The discovery of the new planet K2-18b has definitely opened doors for further astrological research. Today, researchers are one step closer to discovering the presence of water on planets other than Earth.