The Lambert Dance Company captivates in their new show


Emma North

The Lambert Dance Company ends their show with the eye-catching dance, “‘Til the End.”

Showing from April 12th-14th in the Lambert auditorium, “Captivate” – the latest show from the Lambert Dance Company – lived up to its title.

The show’s first dance wasn’t accompanied with lyrics, but with dialogue. With To People Who Love to Dance by DS2DIO in the background, the dancers portrayed their love for dance, as shown with a quote from the song stating that dance is a thing “in this world more powerful than words.”

From there, the show continued with performances that were full of sass and energy, such as “Carnival” and “School Girls”, to performances abundant with intense emotions, such as “Losing My Breath” and “I’ll Be Home.” The show stayed true to its title of “Captivate” with dances filled with glittery costumes and exciting dance movements. One dance, “Rebel,” featured a lot of energy to capture the attention of the audience, while dances like “Enamor” made the audience feel like dancing as well.

Though the show featured many powerful group dances, several solos also showcased individual dancers’ strengths and stories. “Unreal” featuring new dancer Margaret Payne and “Hideaway” starring Megan Werner were just some of  the many solos in the show.

Aside from the show-stopping dances, “Captivate” also featured performances from student singers, musicians, and guest dancers. Before the show and during intermission, the audience could see David Zywicki, who plays piano, guitar, soprano clarinet, bass clarinet, drums, ukulele, harmonica, and the violin. Zywicki started the show by singing Jason Mraz’s I’m Yours on guitar and performing Billy Joel during intermission on piano and harmonica. Aside from Zywicki, student Liana Carrión sang Beyonce’s Sandcastles with a voice full of emotion. There was also a guest performance by Victoria Chen to the Chinese song Windy Petals, featuring flowing and lyrical movements accompanied by a traditional Chinese fan.

The show’s last few songs truly exemplified how the Lambert Dance Company is more than a group, but a family. With a senior dance, choreographed and performed by Hayley Franco, Sydnie Glowgowski, Neha Gulrajani, and Werner, the dancers portrayed the bond that Dance Company has with the songs I’ll Be There For You and High School Musical. This bond was further shown when the other dancers all came out to clap in synchronicity for the graduating seniors in I’ll Be There for You.The show ended with a last song, danced to Beyonce’s End Of Time, emphasizing the theme and the talents that the Lambert Dance Company has to offer.