Trump Twitter turmoil

Frank van Leersum

Photo by Frank van Leersum , Taken October 28, 2009 , Link to license: , Link to original work: , Muslim woman sits alone on a bench She represents one of the billions of peaceful Muslims in the world.

President Trump is once again under fire for comments and statements released through his Twitter, this time echoing anti-Muslim sentiments. On November 29th, Trump retweeted a series of videos by British Far Right extremist Jayda Fransen that portrayed alleged Muslims in a negative light. The videos showed the spread of violence in different settings and cultures: titles included inflammatory sentiments such as “Islamist Mob pushes teenage boy off roof and beats him to death” and “Muslim immigrant beats up Dutch boy on crutches.” Trump has been globally condemned, especially by British Leadership. In a statement, British Prime Minister Theresa May denounced the president stating,It is wrong for the president to have done this.”

Jayda Fransen, the woman who originally tweeted the videos, is a member of Britain’s Far Right ultranationalist group “Britain First,” a group that has been linked to racism and violence in the past. In November 2016, Fransen was found guilty of harassment after verbally abusing and aggravating a woman in a hijab. Fransen’s Twitter account is unverified because it fails to adhere to Twitter’s “no-hate” policies.

Trump’s latest outburst only further exacerbates the growing divide between American Muslims and the Trump administration. After running on a ballot preaching hard immigration reform – putting a ban on Muslims entering the country – and repeatedly bashing Islam as a religion of hate, his latest actions on Twitter leave millions questioning his actions, thoughts, and policies. Critics call him out for giving far right groups a voice within the White House, perpetrating messages of hate to his Twitter followers. While White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders defends Trump’s tweets saying that “Whether it is a real video, the threat is real,” others – such as British political commentator Piers Morgan – are very vocal about Trump’s indifference to his mistake: “What the hell are you doing retweeting a bunch of unverified videos by Britain First, a bunch of disgustingly racist far-right extremists? Please STOP this madness & undo your retweets,” (Piers Morgan).