We’re With Her


Gage Skidmore, taken on January 22, 2016, some rights reserved, http://bit.ly/2eUVCyD

Hillary Clinton demonstrated her love for her supporters, speaking before them at a town hall meeting in New Hampshire.

Our country deserves a President who seeks to bring out its best, not its worst. Hillary Clinton is the ultimate candidate in order to present the world with America’s finest. She will continue to improve the areas in which President Obama began to make changes, as well as adding various new ideas to the drawing board. Secretary Clinton’s policies are both morally and politically ideal. She lives her life to create equality for each person. However, the most significant reason that Hillary Clinton is the superior candidate is that Donald Trump is undeniably not.

Immigration policies are being frequently discussed whether it is on a television screen or during household dinners. Secretary Clinton focuses on the justice and equality of all people, including immigrants. She plans to begin a comprehensive immigration reform within her first one hundred days as president. This plan will treat all immigrants justly, fix the VISA backlog, protect United States borders, and formally bring millions of determined workers into the economy. She is determined to end the 3- and 10-year bars. This will eliminate the despair that arises when families are required to break apart. Hillary Clinton will focus her capabilities on deporting those who pose a threat to public safety while ensuring that safe refugees have a fair chance. She will terminate all family detention centers for desperate parents and kids who arrive in the United States as refugees. Meanwhile, Donald Trump plans to build a wall.

Minimum wage is another colossal issue; as I am certain all hard, working high school students have their individual opinions regarding this topic. Hillary Clinton has continuously made it evident that she plans to raise the minimum wage significantly, as she declared, “No one who works an honest job in America should have to live in poverty. No man or woman who works hard to feed America’s families should have to be on food stamps to feed their own families”. Trump is on the opposite end of the spectrum, as he stated that he would like to keep the minimum wage “pretty much where it is now” Trump’s plan appears to neglect the needs of so many devoted American workers.

The most glaring reason Hillary Clinton should be president is that Donald Trump is absolutely unfit to take this position in the oval office. There have been numerous occasions in which Donald Trump has inappropriately treated or discussed women. Trump made various statements, such as “You know, it doesn’t really matter what they write as long as you’ve got a young beautiful piece of a**”. Once again, Trump showed his true colors during the Miss USA pageant. Trump began the process by forcing the girls to strut in front of him so that he was able to separate those he found attractive from those he didn’t. Beauty queen Carrie Prejaen wrote about this incident in her book, describing the humiliation an abundant amount of girls felt.

A similar issue with Donald Trump is his perpetual disregard of respect towards all races. It was exposed long before he ran for president; in 1973 Trump Management Corporation was sued for racial discrimination towards black people. Later on, in May 2016, Trump implied that a federal judge, Gonzalo Curiel, could not fairly judge due to his Mexican heritage. As Dr. Mary Grothe once said, “Words have incredible power. They can make people’s hearts soar or they can make people’s hearts sore”. The president of The United States of America should be one whom causes hearts to soar, not inflict sores upon them. Hillary Clinton has the ability to mend the broken.


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