A Bakery in Italy

“I wrote this piece to acknowledge the gender roles that society, and parents in particular, place upon kids. It is vitally important not to discourage a child to be his or her true, authentic self; this happens far too often when society adds in specific gender roles based purely on outdated and ridiculous stereotypes.” -Faith Settipani


"Hidden Beauty" by Lael White, Staff Writer

“My Photography class went to downtown Atlanta and took photos. Everyone overlooked the nearby fountain, but I saw beauty in it and took some pictures. People never see the hidden beauties around them and they miss opportunities like my opportunity to take this picture.” -Lael White

He wanted to start a bakery.

A bakery in Italy where the walls were draped with luscious green vines and a canal could be seen out the rickety wooden window. He baked for hours: strawberry cupcakes with pink frosting and decals on the sides, lemon cakes with buttercream painted on top. The airy scent of fresh baked croissants and homemade bread emanated throughout the kitchen; in moments like this, his smile remained on his face, made of marble stone, glorious and unbreakable.
And then the father figure appeared, hushing the kitchen that was once filled with laughter and passion. And the marble was carved into a frown and the cakes had fallen and the smashing of pans obnoxiously echoed because no son of his was to be a sissy; no son of his could like the color pink; no son of his was to be an effeminate excuse for a man.

A man is suddenly defined by how many feminine qualities he lacks and this boy in particular, he will wear the color blue and he will study business and he will like sports because he needs to be a man. Children are surely meant to be shaped to their parents’ will.