Coachella Bound


Photo by Malcolm Murdoch, taken on April 21, 2012, some rights reserved,,0/

Coachella lasts the entire day, allowing the concert goers to excperience the beauty of California sunsets.

Coachella, formally identified as “Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival”, is a massive music festival located in Indio, California. Coachella consists of diverse musical genres and features world-wide art. The style at Coachella is just as varied as the music, each individual discovering an innovative way to stay cool in the heat. Coachella’s food may be just as tremendous as the art. There is a multitude of options; such as a sit down dinner in the field or a spontaneous snack at a restaurant stand. Attendees can either camp in their cars or in tents on the festival grounds. The festival is notorious for its “rain or shine” motto; the artist’s persevere regardless of the weather. The ticket prices range from $399, a general admission ticket, to $899, a VIP pass.

Coachella is more than just another music festival, there is years of history bound to it. Paul Tollett founded Coachella in 1999, along with the corporation Goldenvoice. However, the origins can be traced further back, to a Pearl Jam concert in 1993. In 1993 an assortment of bands were protesting the apparently outrages processing fees that Ticketmaster was adding to the price of each ticket. Pearl Jam, a colossal advocate of these protests, resulted to finding a concert venue that Ticketmaster didn’t organize. They naked the Empire Polo Club in the Colorado Desert. The venue got stellar reviews and the Coachella Festival began here six years later. Coachella didn’t occur in 2000 and was restricted to one day in 2001. It was ultimately prolonged to three days in 2007. Currently, Coachella occurs on two consecutive three day weekends during April. Each weekend consists of identical lineups. Assortments of artists have performed at Coachella throughout its existence. These artists range from Morrissey in 1999, the Beastie Boys in 2003, Madonna in 2006, and Paul McCartney in 2009, to Snoop Dog in 2012, Drake in 2015 and Halsey in 2016.

This year’s 2016 Coachella Festival was deeply praised, “Coachella succeeded this year for letting exciting acts coexist without friction or ideological sparring”.   So, whether you’re an avid fan of rap or a devotee to indie rock; Coachella is sure to bring you a weekend of pure elation.