Graduation of career pathways


Photo by Lambert High School Facebook page

Students on their third year of completing career pathways have successfully finished off their mock interviews.

During the week of  mock interviews,  the library was closed due to the “special event” from March 7th through March 11th.  Dr. Valerie, found at the county District Office has organized this system of learning, which is now held every year in each high school found in Forsyth County.  The interviews took up four days of the week to hold over 400 of outstanding students that have completed their third year in career tech classes.t your third year mark for each career, those students are given special chance to participate in such advantageous event.  Lambert’s career department includes Business, Marketing, Video-Broadcasting, Biotechnology, Healthcare, Nutrition, Culinary, Teaching, and Engineering.

“We have some business people and community members come in. Students come in with business attire with their own résumé with education, volunteer experience and job experience and sit down for couple of minutes for a job interview during the 10 to 15 minutes time period. It is just like a role play and it’s just a good experience for the students before going off to college, into the real world by going through that process. ”, explained Ms. Cannizzaro, one of the assistant principals found in school. Students are able to feel like professionals, act like professionals, and eventually become one as well through their successful and useful experience of this particular interview. “Volunteers ask typical job interview questions, like tell me a little bit about your background and why we should pick you over somebody else while taking some notes. They grade you based on the rubric and provide enough feedback to the teachers and the students.”, continued Ms. Cannizzaro. The ones that have now completed their career pathways are able to grow even more from realistic situation that might hit them any time soon, after getting out of high school.

“I took the interview for my Entrepreneurship class, the third year course in the business pathway, and was pleasantly surprised with how much I learned and took away from the experience. I walked into the room with a sparse resume in hand and left with a plethora of knowledge.”, says Mahima  Siripurapu, a Lambert junior who has performed at the interview session. She continued on to thank the volunteers and business people for donating their time and effort to present them with a new way of educating themselves of the future after college. Overall, this special experience provided the students with a head start of their new beginning as they currently are approaching the end of high school.

Check out the county’s website for more information and exact schedule for different schools.