Humans of Lambert: Jheel Shah

Taken by Mahek Shah on September 11th for Homecoming , some rights reserved.

Taken by Mahek Shah on September 11th for Homecoming , some rights reserved.

Jheel Shah is a Junior at Lambert High School and is involved in many different clubs including TSA, Anime Club, THS, and helping start Astronomy Club. She also enjoys volunteering and is eager to start her own club. Jheel Shah is an excellent representation of Lambert School spirit and what it means to be a student that is actively involved.

“I met a lot of friends and a lot of people I really enjoy hanging out with, and a lot of the teachers are very nice,” Shah noted. 

The student climate here at Lambert suits her very well and being able to find a friend group at Lambert has definitely helped in solidifying her satisfaction. 

Shah is also interested in not only being a part of the school but also helping Lambert and the students that go here. This mindset was evident when she decided to help her friend start her club. 

“She’s actually very passionate about Astronomy, and I decided to help her out,” Shah commented. “I also wanted to help her achieve her goal.” 

One of the most important aspects of Lambert’s spirit is helping out your fellow peers and working to improve the school, which is a prominent quality in Jheel. She also mentioned wanting to start a club that will help Lambert.

“A club that will probably help out Lambert in any way it could be academically, or maybe just socially,” Shah stated. 

Shah demonstrates very important characteristics through her eagerness to be involved and help those around her. She will be able to make a very big difference in the school environment and achieve great things in the future.