Lambert’s one and only STAR


Used with permission from Lily Ge

This intelligent senior was recognized for her outstanding accomplishments from the last four years.

During the morning announcement of February 5th, 2016, the star student of Lambert was newly introduced and honored for her hard work and achievements made throughout her academic career.  The bright and shiny star chosen was Lily Ge, a talented senior found at the school. She was recognized as the face of our longhorns, representing Lambert in higher standards than others in Forsyth County or even the whole state of Georgia.

“It’s such an honor to be Lambert’s STAR student! It’s nice to have this validation that my hard work paid off and  I’m so grateful for all of my teachers for everything they’ve done to help me grow into who I am today.”, shouts Lily Ge, expressing her excitement towards her reward. She has been participating in such wide range of limited opportunities that led her to such victory in education. “As a student, I really like math and I’ve gotten to do some cool things with it, like competing at the Math Prize for Girls’ competition at MIT and I was very close to winning $25,000. I also competitively dance at my studio which was on America’s Got Talent a couple of years ago and we have traveled to places like China, Houston, NYC, etc to perform.”, says Lily Ge. She participates in different clubs and hold great responsibilities towards them while enjoying physical activities that don’t necessarily affect her in academics.

Lily Ge has been working hard since the start of her intellectual courses and still is fulfilling her job as a student in school. She has pushed herself to her limits for her friends and family, surrounding her with full support. “I was also driven by this guilt, guilt at wasting the resources and gifts I’ve been given. It makes me really uncomfortable not to give my best at things I care about, and I care about a lot.”, extended Lily. She continues to find herself thinking what she can do to bring herself a little bit closer to reaching her goals set out clear in front of her. “First semester of my senior year was probably the hardest stretch of high school for me. I took rigorous classes with much more club responsibilities along with college applications. I also felt like it was my last chance to do everything in high school, which caused me to put too much pressure on myself to make that cutoff before losing my chance forever. But looking back, I don’t regret trying so hard and stressing myself out. I’m glad I made the most of my penultimate semester of high school and I’m also happy to finally get to use that word.”, says Lily. Even though everything is coming to an end in about 100 days for the class of 2016, Lily Ge still is notified as an outstanding senior that maintains her progress of becoming a graduate.

There is no definite future provided for everyone in the world. Lily herself is still figuring out her life and the future, possibly associated with education reform, improving accessibility to education for those in need the most. “My awesome education here has opened up so many doors, and it’s just not fair that everyone in the world isn’t afforded the same opportunities: something I want to fix.”, states Lily. She hopes to make a measurable impact on people’s lives by sharing her talent and great amount of knowledge built up high inside of her.


“Don’t try to do everything if you’re not passionate about what you’re doing. It’s good to be well rounded, but better to also focus most of your energy into something or a select of few things you love instead of spreading yourself too thin.” ~ Lily Ge, 12th grader at Lambert.