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Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un standing strong by their countries while nuclear war hangs in the balance.

North Korea; A Digest

Andrew Hampton, Staff Writer August 31, 2017

In the recent months, tensions between the U.S and North Korea have risen exponentially. Problems arose when North Korea launched an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) on July 4th with the capability...

The stress of standardized tests

The stress of standardized tests

Sarah Sander, Resident Artist February 8, 2017

When standardized testing season comes around it fills most student with dread and suddenly the stress levels rise. The pressure of having to achieve high scores on these tests can often lead to breakdowns...

Evie Lawson spreads the joy of puns through comics

Isn’t this Punny?

Evie Lawson, Student Submission, 11th Grade May 11, 2016

"This comic inspired piece is a collection of some of my favorite bad puns. I started loving puns since I joined an improv troupe freshman year, and my mind has functioned in puns ever since. I hope these...

A regular person has fallen victim to the enticing yet isolating world of cyberspace.

TV Head Political Cartoon

Kathryn Raynor, Resident Artist October 16, 2015

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